Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Human Capital Systems, Analytics and Data Mining Paperback Edition Now Available

Human Capital Systems, Analytics and Data Mining includes Relational and Dimensional Modeling Tutorials with Data Modeling of Human Capital Information Database Systems that include special emphasis on Compensation Data Structures and Analytics.

Detailed Tutorials cover Human Capital Databases from Relational to Dimensional which are then exposed to in depth Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and Data Mining Projects.  Coverage of Compensation Systems include Extensive Original Research in Gender Based Pay Equity Issues through the lens of Comparable Worth.  Replication of the Pay Equity research with New Findings is included in Tutorials throughout the text.

Development of OLAP Databases and Human Capital Data Mining Projects further exploring contemporary Human Capital Research are the main focus of the book.  Also included are development of Human Capital Information System Interactive Dashboards that effectively visualize recommended internal research methods along with detailed Tutorials on how to create and maintain the Dashboards.  Dashboard development are mainly concentrated on Compensation Metrics and Analytics.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Human Capital Systems, Analytics and Data Mining includes New Pay Gap Research That Reveal Gender Pay Gap Truths and Fictions.

Human Capital Systems, Analytics and Data Mining, ISBN 9781498764780 - CAT# K29042, is now available in Paperback and includes extensive Tutorials for Oracle SQl Developer Data Modeling,SQL Server Data Mining and Power BI along with downloadable templates.

Human Capital Systems, Analytics and Data Mining is a Practical Guide for Human Capital Practitioners with Pay Equity and Job Mobility Research Based on Jobs of Comparable Worth. Extensive Tutorials throughout on Database Design, Analytics, Data Mining and Dashboards. Extensive Data Mining Pay Gap Research covering all Federal Employess reveals Gender Pay Gap Truths, Fictions and many new discoveries.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Gender Pay Equity and the Glass Ceiling - Comparable Worth vs Career Progression Study

My latest book - Human Capital Management Systems, Analytics and Data Mining includes In-Depth HCM Analytics and Data Mining covering Gender Related Pay Equity and Occupational Mobility Research based on Comparable Worth Analysis.

Book Updates are included in - WorldatWork Journal Q3 2019 Article: Gender-Based Pay Equity Differences and Upward Occupational Mobility Through the Lens of Comparable Worth The Journal Article can be downloaded in PDF format here.